boil advisory for city of daytonthe city of dayton has issued a boil advisory. for more on boil advisories, including guidance on brushing teeth, taking showers and washing dishes, please check this information from the cdc. also check the university's current situation page for updates.


support university libraries

the university of dayton libraries support learning, teaching and scholarship through outstanding collections, programs and services. those who love books, knowledge and libraries have found great satisfaction in supporting the libraries through charitable giving, tributes, estate planning and volunteer service. we're grateful for their generosity.

giving opportunities

some options for gift designation include:

  • dean’s fund for excellence: gifts are directed where they are needed the most — conservation, student programs, guest speakers, technology, special exhibitions and more.
  • st. john’s heritage edition bible: help the university to acquire, display and use this breathtaking seven-volume bible >> — one of 299 reproductions of the hand-lettered and hand-illuminated original.
  • marian library/international marian research institute: exhibitions, acquisitions, research, education, collections, crèches and curricula
  • roesch library collections: acquisition and care of materials and resources for students, faculty and the community
  • archives and special collections: digital archiving, climate controls, storage facilities, preservation, conservation, and items necessary to run excellent archives and special collections
  • porch reads: free books for sophomores to read for pleasure and discuss in small groups in their residential communities

give online today or contact jane dunwoodie at [email protected] or at 937-229-4266.


roesch library